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What information do you get from a CycleVin VIN Report?

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting time.  And you want to be sure that you are getting a good deal, right?  Who wants to buy a motorcycle only to find out later there are any issues with it?  The questions that you need to ask: Is the title is clean?  What condition is the vehicle in?  Has it been damaged, stolen, recalled?  Has it been through a FLOOD?

Did you know that you can do a VIN check on any car, truck or motorcycle produced since 1981?  In addition to answering the questions above, a VIN search will also give you info on a vehicle as it changes hands and as it is repaired or serviced.  A VIN report will give you all of the answers with a detailed history report.  Protect yourself by getting a full VIN report.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • A list of all data on the requested vehicle from Make to MSRP; you’ll find 22 specifications listed here.

Title Records:

  • You will receive the date the title was switched to each state, the State of the Title, Type, Mileage of vehicle, and the VIN of the requested vehicle.

Junk/Salvage/Insurance Records:

  • Lists any damage that has been reported, the date it was reported, the reporting entity, insurance companies (if any), and details of the damage.

Theft Records:

  • Any recorded theft or theft recovery reports/activity on the requested vehicle.

Lien/Impound/Export Records:

  • Does the vehicle have a lien against it?
  • Has the vehicle ever been impounded or exported?

Problem Checks:

  • We list out individual records of each type of problem. You will find date and brander for each issue.