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10 Things To Know Before Buying:

Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Brake Recall Notice



Looking to buy a used Harley Davidson motorcycle? There’s a lot of things to uncover that dealers simply don’t want you to know about. Here’s the 10 biggest things to know before buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle:



1) Title Records

First and foremost, you want to know if the title of the Harley Davidson motorcycle is clean. For those that are unfamiliar, a clean title refers to a motorcycle not having been in an accident. Harley actually requires the neck of the frame that contains the VIN number to be physically cut out and removed from the frame in cases of total loss insurance payouts. Motorcycles have a high accident rate, so it’s important to double check before you buy.




2) Theft Records

Has this Harley Davidson ever been stolen and reported? When buying a used motorcycle. you always want to ensure it is safe to purchase. Motorcycles dealers won’t tell you, but the Cycle VIN report certainly will.


3) Impound Records

Similar to the above, when buying a used Harley Davidson you always want to make sure it doesn’t have an impound record. If it does have an impound record, you want to leverage that when consulting the price on your Harley Davidson. Either way, this is another important aspect to investigate.


4) Problem Checks

Has the motorcycle ever been damaged, recalled, or required repair?  Has it been through a flood? While Harley Davidson are a great motorcycle, we all know that problems arise – often. Used motorcycle dealers don’t want to tell you all the problems you’re going to run into. You’d hate to start riding your newly bought Harley Davidson just to see it break down.





5) Market Value

When you’re negotiating the price of a used Harley Davidson motorcycle – knowledge is power. Fully understanding the Market Value and MSRP cost will make the difference when you’re ready to buy. The best way to save at the bank when you’re buying a used motorcycle is to know everything you can about the value of the Harley Davidson.


6) Ownership Costs

If you weren’t aware, the cost of buying any used motorcycle depends on where you live. Some states charge more sales tax, some states charge less. In fact, depending on your Zip Code, the price may entirely change based on seasonality. Check out our Cycle VIN report to see what you should expect to pay.


7) Motorcycle Specifications

You want to know the year, model, engine, and more of the specifications on your used Harley Davidson motorcycle. Now, this is what most dealers will tell you – but it’s always good to back up what they say with an accurate online report.






8) Odometer Info

If you can’t see the motorcycle for yourself, it’s important to know the odometer information of any used motorcycle. Knowing how many miles your used Harley Davidson has left could make a big difference in the final negotiations.


9) Auction Sales History

Has this Harley Davidson been auctioned before? If so, for how much? How many times? Knowing the depreciated value of a used motorcycle is another big difference maker in the final negotiations. If a motorcycle has been auctioned multiple times, perhaps there’s a reason why. Find out with the Cycle VIN report.


10) Recall History

Motorcycles get recalled more often than you’d think. Problems and mass defects arise, and Harley Davidson has no choice but to recall the entire model collection. Before buying a used motorcycle, make sure you’ve checked if it’s been recalled – or more importantly if it should’ve been recalled and wasn’t.



While this doesn’t make up the entire laundry list of things you should know, these are the top 10 for used Harley Davidson motorcycles. To gather all this information and more, request a report from Knowledge is power when buying used vehicles, so make sure you’re up-to-date on everything you should know. For more information on what to know before buying any used motorcycle, more information is available from this GQ article.