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The electric revolution is fast catching up with numerous motorcycle manufacturers. We are already aware of the development in the four-wheeler space with the likes of Tesla and Faraday. The two-wheeler segment too is fast catching up. Alta Motors, a small electric motorcycle start-up, has unveiled an exciting-looking electric street legal motorcycle.

The San Francisco based start-up had raised $17 million, and the investors include Tesla founders Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. The company started operations in 2011 under the BRD motorcycles brand name wherein it has showcased a prototype of its electric motorcycle. In 2015, the company delivered its first all-electric bike called the Redshift. This was then followed by the development of supermoto- and motocross-based iterations of the Redshift. The company swung into full-scale production in August last year. The MX is priced at $14,995. while the SM is available at $13,945.

While that is history, Alta Motors has now upped the game with the unveiling of a new electric street tracker motorcycle that shares its bare-bones underpinnings with the SM (supermoto) and the MX (motocross). The company has already been participating in the flat-track racing scene. The street tracker is a more civilised and road-legal version of the dirt tracker that is used in competitions.

The Alta Street Tracker, also known as the ST concept, is equipped with a new sub-frame, seat, lower-positioned handlebar along with 19-inch BSR carbon-fibre flat-track wheels. It also comes with WP suspensions that have been adjusted, compared to the SM and MX, to lower the seat height. Alta Motors has not released a list of features that will be offered on the ST which we expect to be similar to the other two Redshift bikes.

The specs and numbers of the Alta ST are not out. The Redshift SM is powered by a 5.8kWh battery pack putting out 40PS/49Nm. Alta Motors claims that the motor offers a riding range of around 50 miles in one full charge. It takes a total of three hours to charge the battery completely. The SM can reach a claimed max speed of around 80 mph. With the lighter frame and design tweaks, this ST is expected to offer a longer riding range. More details on this electric offering will be revealed in the coming weeks.