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Harley-Davidson announced on Thursday that it will provide the equivalent of 500 kilowatt-hours of free charging at Electrify America chargers for customers who buy its new LiveWire electric motorcycle in the first year, that’s approximately 4,000 miles of free riding .

Harley has been working on developing the LiveWire since 2014, and after multiple delays it is finally scheduled to go on sale next month for $29,799, plus delivery.

The company says the bike will have a 140-mile city range and approximately a 100 mile highway range, two charging options will also be available.

While some motorcycles offer longer ranges, such as the 160 miles from the new Zero SR/F, Harley-Davidson offers DC fast charging connectivity through a standard CCS Combo charge connector that is said to recharge from empty in about an hour, while standard chargers will take significantly longer.

Harley will offer free charging on one of the newest electric-vehicle charging networks, which is planned to become one of its most widespread. Electrify America is funded and run by Volkswagen, as a separate entity, under the court settlement over that company’s diesel emissions cheating scandal. It is scheduled to have nearly 2,000 public charging stations across the country by 2025.

Since Electrify America charges by the minute, but some states allow utilities to sell electricity only by the kilowatt-hour, EA lists the free charging as the “equivalent of 500 kwh over two years, through July 2021.

Harley hasn’t released the battery size of the LiveWire, but other electric bikes have batteries up to about 17 or kwh, the LiveWire shouldn’t take long waiting on a charger. The 500 kwh of free charging for two years is likely to give riders up to 4,000 miles of riding on free juice.

Harley-Davidson joins VW divisions Audi and Porsche, as well as startup EV maker Lucid Motors in offering free charging with Electrify America to compete with Tesla’s Supercharging network.

LiveWire buyers who buy within the first year can sign up for the free charging plan through Electrify America’s app on Android or iPhone. Electrify America charging stations will appear on the LiveWire’s Harley-Davidson app.