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Three-time 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts Sr. has filed a domestic violence order against his 37-year-old son, three-time AMA Pro Road Racing Champion, Kurtis, with a court date that was on, Monday, August 29, 2016.

Kurtis Roberts was hand delivered a Cease and Desist notice on August 11 on behalf of Roberts Sr. and his brother, 2000 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts Jr.

“Both Messrs. Roberts are respected professionals in the community and within the racing industry,” the notice to Kurtis Roberts says. “They have spent years serving the community in their profession and building a positive reputation. Messrs. Roberts have learned that you have engaged in spreading false, destructive and defamatory rumors about them.”

Further into the notice, Kenny Roberts Sr. alleges Kurtis Roberts, who at the time was living at Roberts Sr.’s ranch with his wife and two children, “has harassed and threatened me numerous times over the past year.” And that Kurtis Roberts, “On or about the week of June 20, 2016, the last time I entered my property, the person listed in 2 (Kurtis Roberts) assaulted me, choked me, and threatened my life.”

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was issued by the Stanislaus Court on August 5, with Kurtis Roberts ordered to vacate the property and stay at least 100 feet from Roberts Sr, his home, vehicle and workplace.

According to, the dispute reportedly stems from an almond tree project between Roberts Sr. and Kurtis Roberts at Roberts Sr.’s ranch in Hickman, California. Roberts Sr. allegedly severed the partnership between himself and Kurtis Roberts in the almond plantation, to which Kurtis replied with threats to sue his father for damages. This in turn created a rift between father and son, to which Roberts Sr. alleges on August 3, Kurtis Roberts “threatened to destroy my personal property, including irreplaceable and valuable memorabilia from my racing career, trees, and farming equipment at my ranch. The person listed in 2 (Kurtis Roberts) also harassed the employees at my property, forcing me to hire private security.”