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Motorcyclists raised more than $81,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation at the 2016 Hudson Valley and Western Pennsylvania Ride for Kids events on August 7.

In New York, more than 280 people joined the event at Central Valley Elementary School to show their support for local childhood brain tumor survivors Amanda, Bo, Gianna, James, Joshua, Kimberly and Molly. They also heard from Dr. James H. Garvin of Children’s Hospital of New York. The 25th annual Hudson Valley Ride for Kids raised $51,353 for the PBTF. Read more and donate at

The event in Harmony, Pennsylvania, drew more than 220 riders to Seneca Valley High School. The Ride for Kids Stars were Annabelle, Julie, Kirsten, Lindy and Ryan. Special guest speaker was brain tumor survivor Ashley Warren, wife of Pittsburgh Steeler Greg Warren.

“Adults getting cancer is terrible, but kids getting it is a different playing field. I would rather have five more brain tumors over again then see my son have to go through this,” Warren said. “Thank you for being here and making an impact on this disease.”

The Western Pennsylvania ride raised $32,360. Read more and add to that at

The next Ride for Kids events are August 21 in Asheville, North Carolina, and Framingham, Massachusetts. Sign up today and ride with us to cure the kids!